Social Trading

What is Social Trading?

What if you could inherit the trading style of professional traders? Wouldn’t it be convenient and satisfying to track their trades and follow their lead to successful investments and profit more? Now 10Trading offers you just the opportunity.

Social Trading allows new traders to develop a strong and diversified portfolio by using the experience of professionals. It will take some time for you to perceive the market trading, learn how to use strategies and tools to trade and profit. Untill then let the Social Trading work for you and build a decent balance on your account.

How does it work?

  1. Select a pro trader with an impressive track record
  2. Click on their profile
  3. Watch all of your trades mirror those of the financial expert you selected in real-time
  4. Wait for results

Social Trading functional enables you to trade financial markets on a professional level and benefit from the best deals without any previous researches and worries. This instrument is as fast and convenient as it only could be. Just look through the successful trades, pick the one you like and follow it to make profit.

Benefits of Social Trading

You do not have to wait until you know the market well enough to profit, just let professionals lead you to your success. Learn the benefits of Social Trading:

  • No financial background needed to make successful investment
  • Choose from the best deals on more than 1000 assets
  • Compare profitability of different assets and choose the best one
  • Develop your own strategy and skills while profiting with an experience of others

Social Trading offers you an opportunity not to worry about assets’ future trends and prices fluctuations. You can totally rely on market experts and their experience.