Social Trading

What is Social Trading?

What if you could simply copy the trading style of professional traders? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to track their trades and follow their lead all the way to successful investments and higher profits? 10trading’s social trading experience offers you just that!

Social Trading helps new traders to develop a stronger and more diversified portfolio by using the experience of professionals. Until you become a seasoned trader and learn to profit on your own, Social Trading can work wonders for you while building a decent balance on your account.

How does it work?

1.  Select a pro trader with an impressive track record

2.  Click on their profile.

3. Mirror the real-time trades of the financial experts you selected

4.  See the results

Benefits of Social Trading

With Social Trading you do not have to wait until you know all there is to trade the market. Simply let the professionals deliver you success.

  • No financial background needed to make successful investments
  • Choose from the best trades on more than 200 assets
  • Compare profitability of different assets and choose your preference
  • Develop your own strategy and skill set while relying on the experience of others

No need to worry about trading strategies, research, market trends or familiarity with any trading tools. Simply rely on real experts with real experience!